To Blog, or Not to Blog

November 3, 2009

I have been thinking long and hard whether to create my own blog, or to mainly publish stories on the Symbian Blog. After some thinking, I decided to create my own for a number of reasons. I will continue to write articles on the Symbian Blog.

One of my key challenges in the last few weeks has been to get Symbian Package Owners and Committers to create their own blogs, and to regularly publish stories of what they do, what is hapenning in their domain and their package. Blogging and other using other on-line media are a keytool in building open source communities. To make this easier, the Symbian Foundation (my employer) created the Planet Symbian blog aggregator.

As I found out the hard way, getting engineers who are not used to blogging and come from a proprietary background to blog, is not that easy. So I decided to take a lead and create my own blog. After all, I can’t ask them to blog regulalry, if I don’t.

The other reason, is that much of what I have learned in the last 6 months may be of use to other open source communities. I always knew that, but it never really clicked. Apart from preparing for SEE 2009, I spent much of the last 2 weeks working on a presentation on showing what Symbian has learned since it was created in March. That helped me realize, that there is quite a bit of stuff that others can learn from the Symbian journey. If you are at  Øredev 2009 this week, come and see my talk. If not, I will post it on here and on afterwards.

That’s why I created this blog. Hopefully I will manage to regularly publish stories about activities at work, things that move me, staff I learned and what is happening in the Symbian community.  I will continue to write articles on the Symbian Blog, but some stories will better fit here.

Oh, and do let me know if what I write is bollocks (ah, sorry “poor quality” or “useless”) such that I can improve.