My job is to help existing contributors to the Symbian Foundation, in particular package owners and committers, to be effective and get value out of being contributors. This requires building and maintaining close relationships with our contributors, understanding their needs and act as a faciliator and mentor to identify common challenges and propose solutions. I typically introduce potential open source contributors into the community and work with them to get established.

Within the foundation, I act as advocate for contributors. This means that I identify potential barriers and problems in processes, infrastructure, etc. by working with the community and will work with foundation staff and other stake-holders to resolve these. I also act as the voice of the contributor community, wherever else appropriate.

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My Interests

I thought I’d say a bit about myself: I have always been a somewhat complex personality, which is reflected in the many different interests and passions that I cultivate. From my early teens I have been an avid plant lover. I am particularly fascinated by orchids and carnivorous plants, and have built a rather large collection of plants from all over the world. My love for plants extended into a passion for travel and for gardening. Quite often I travel to see plants grow in their native habitat (such as the Tepuis in the Gran Sabana, or the Amazon rainforest). You may ask, why I did not become a botanist or run a nursery: maths and computing have been another passion of mine since I was at school, and it seemed a much wiser choice to build a career around these than building a career around gardening.

I have always loved reading and literature and films. I was fascinated by made-up worlds of science fiction and fantasy from early on and still get my weekly dose of Perry Rhodan, the oldes science fiction series of the world. A pity it was never translated into English. When I moved to London many years ago, I discovered the arts and theatre. Not something where there was much to disover in the town where I grew up.

Once I got over my geeky phase in my teens, where it was near impossible to get me away from my Amiga computer, I discovered that I was actually a very social person. Today I spend a lot of time with my friends and talking to colleagues.


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